Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Checkride Weather Prep Book

When I first began flight instructing, I realized Weather Charts was an incredibly difficult subject to teach- there is so much to know, so many different charts, and too many books needed to teach it.  So I set out to create what I called at the time, a Weather Binder.  I made a list of all the weather charts required for each checkride from each PTS (Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI) and set out to create a book that would have all the info I needed to teach each of my students in one book.  It took me months to prepare, but this book made it so much easier and enjoyable to teach weather.

A few years into flight instructing I was given the position of a Stage Check Instructor.  I loved that position, and used this book every time I quizzed students on weather charts and forecasts.  I had many students and instructors ask for a copy of my book, but I was hesitant as I didn't have everything properly cited and it didn't look very professional.

I have made a few changes and updates to my new Checkride Weather Prep book, made it look more professional, and now have it available for each one of you.  Below is a sampling of the book- I always like to look at a few pages before I buy, so I figured you might be the same way.  I have included the first few pages and the section for the Area Forecast.

We don't have our website set up yet, but we can take payments through Paypal using the email  The price is $19.95 with free shipping.  Make sure you select the correct shipping address during the transaction process.  If you have any questions about the book or how to purchase, please email me at

Again, if you have any questions about the book or how to purchase, please email me at

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